A stinging emptiness sucks the creative nectar from my soul. The silent stare from my muse plunges deep the sting into my heart and I die. Lost. Wandering.  I learn that I am compatible with my loneliness. I am akin to the echo of my own thoughts reverberating through the empty chambers of a heart. A desire for friendship mocks me. My promises–I keep. My desires– I slaughter.

Eyes down—love

A rage drowns in the whiskey of a promise—forget…forgive…forget…forgive…forget. Through the destruction of myself, I am good. Amid the honesty of myself, I am lost.

Eyes down—-loss

I don’t care if this makes no sense. Sense I understand.  Sense is not what plagues me…

Eyes down—-tears

Be happy. Smile. A new day is dawning.

Eyes down—hollow.





29 thoughts on “Hollow

      1. Plus I’m so happy when I see your name pop up in my notifications! Someone earlier said in a somewhat kind of tone that made me think they thought I was bad, “Just how many men do you email???” And I thought, but didn’t say, “Well, gee, there’s my buddy Edward that gave me blessed blessed pastoral counsel….” 🙂

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      2. I like when your name pops up. I feel bad for going awol on the wordpress thing and deleting all my stuff. I really have been composing an email to you. I think you are a great person. I love your heart. I’m glad my words benefitted you….as yours do me.

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      3. well, if anything is solid in me… it’s my desire to be authentic and real— to be loving. I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t like to lie. I really do long for a world where Jesus is King and we all try to understand each other. I”m babbling.

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      4. Ed, oh my word, I started listening to the Bible on my way to work every day, it’s been a life changer. Something about hearing Romans aloud, it really gave me such a better grasp. After a few weeks of listening over and over to Romans, that voice in my head telling me how horrible I was finally shut up.


      5. It’s a chat server, my kids used it for gaming so I hopped on there to keep an eye on them. That’s where I met my young Jewish friend Asa that’s become such a good friend. He visited with us as he drove from his college graduation to his new job in Chicago. “Don’t talk to strangers on the internet!!!” I said to my kids…..

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